6 Premium Dividend Payers to Buy on Dips or Drops

I recently posted an article on Seeking Alpha, outlining six companies that I identify as having a very strong position (strong moat, good prospects, sound financial condition, growth, etc), but also having a fairly substantial valuation. Rather than being fair companies at a bargain price, these would be more along the lines of wonderful companies at a fair price or that could potentially come down to a fair price. Many of them would make solid additions to a long term watch list.

6 Premium Dividend Payers to Buy on Dips or Drops

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  1. Great post! Some names on my watchlist:
    British American Tobacco
    Philip Morris International

  2. Nice post, I love them all. Other companies I’d like to own are:


  3. Great article Monk :) I own MCD and bought under $75 recently. I think JNJ should be on your list as well.


  4. My Own Advisor,

    Speaking of XOM, I’ll likely be publishing an article next week on XOM. Not a full analysis, but a highlight of 10 years of dividends and share repurchases.


    I excluded JNJ from the list because this is intended to be a list of great companies at prices that are a bit high. They’re companies that are worth watching for potential price reductions to buy at a good time. JNJ, on the other hand, I consider to have a solid buy price right now.


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